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North Norfolk Studios

This section is where we list call-outs by galleries and organisations for works by artists. Unfortunately, there aren't any listed here at present, so if you know of any then please let us know.

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Print Cromer: In the Moment

Building upon the success of last year's Print Cromer: On the Edge, at Artspace on the Prom, we’re back in 2024 with Print Cromer: In the Moment.

Perhaps your work invites us to explore our historical roots, the deep history of our rich and varied landscape, or the geological layers in the ground beneath our feet. Maybe it offers us a fleeting glance of a particular moment, the here and now, or reflects upon the coming and going of the seasons or the endless cycle of the tides. Whether past, present or future, ticking clocks or shifting glaciers, 'In the Moment' will explore our relationship to the ethereal, transient and perpetual passing of time.

Submissions are welcome in any original printmaking medium (no giclee reproductions please) and works must have been made in the last 12 months. To make sure that we can show a wide range of work, we’re looking for a maximum framed size of A2 (42 x 59.4cm) or smaller. Artists are welcome to submit unframed work with clear instructions as to how it should be displayed (artists’ books for example).

Submissions are open worldwide, but please be aware that it’s the artist’s responsibility to deliver and to collect any unsold work.

Entries will be selected by our panel based on the images supplied and a few lines about how the brief has been interpreted. All work will be anonymous to panellists during the selection and no personal information will be shared at that time.

Cromer Artspace will take commission of 20% on all sales and the submission fees are £5 per work up to three works per artist.

The selection panel consists of Craig Frost (Curator), Neil Bousfield, Leanda Jaine and Niki Medlik.

Please send up to three images with a short cv and under 100 words about the response to the brief. Submissions should be made via the website (see link below) by 20th June. We will notify you of the panel’s decisions by 1st July

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Wed Jun 19 2024
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Posted by Nick White on 29 March 2024.
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