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A bit of a lot from me here with some house-keeping vis-a-vis the Open Studios this year. I know this a long one but I would really appreciate you taking the time to have a read through


First off…great to have you on board. There are 167 people signed up for this year and lots of new members so it should be a really good event.


Website details


If you want to change any of your details you can do so through the appropriate places in the members area. If that sounds complicated have a quick look at this video I made and that will walk you through the process: (remember to use the ’Save’ buttons to make sure your details are updated - some of the more observant of you may notice that I absolutely forgot to do that on the walkthrough - doh!).


If you are having difficulties with the website for anything other than the sign up procedure not working, your first port of call should be Jeremy Bevan at - though do please try and sort it yourself. He will send anything really problematic along to me.

I have been alerted to a problem that some people have had when updating their contact details using a mobile. I believe I have now fixed this but if you still encounter problems I have posted a workaround with clear instructions that you can see at the bottom of this page. (Please let me know if you are having trouble with this).

The brochure image

NOTE: You have to be signed in to the website

This is the first image in your gallery. Change it by going to the Images & Bio section and click on the button that says 'Make this the brochure image'

Brochure details

I have put up a page where you can check that the details are correct for the brochure. You have all received the link to this page. This is going to be a two-stage process. First off you will need to check everything is right (dates, address, phone, etc) before it goes off to be laid out and then again once we have the proofs and everybody will be able to check not only their entries but also any other places such as the central maps or ads you may have put in (talk to Terrie if you want to put an ad in (


Profile picture


I have now added a facility where you can put a picture of yourself or your studio on your artists page should you so wish - it can be found in the Images & Bio section in the members area - it gives the public yet another insight into your world and gives a face to a name.



On which note I would like to use a montage of pictures of you, the artists and makers in your natural environments, on the homepage this year and they are also very useful for social media postings. So please send them asap (i.e. before the end of February along with a bit of blurb and I will do my magic and pass them on to Amelia Mills for her to use on social media.  (By the way - I have had virtually zero response to this - on your own heads be it). Send these to me (Nick) at


Press releases - providing information and pictures for Antonia Clare to write press releases


And PUBLICITY PUBLICITY PUBLICITY… It is the most important part of making this a success. So, apart from expecting you all to be shouting from the rooftops you can help by taking up Antonia Clare’s offer from the last meeting. She has kindly offered to write some press releases, and is  planning to write the article titled ‘Why Art?’ So she would be particularly interested to hear your answers to the following:

‘Why is Art, and your art, so important to you?’ ‘What does it give you?’

50-100 words would be fine, or longer (up to 250) if you like. She isn't sure yet how many answers I’ll be able to include in the final piece, but it’s great to have lots of material to work with.

Please send it over to her with some pictures (you alongside your work gives it the human interest). Her email address is . Please send direct to her (as per the previous paragraph, the response to this request has been virtually nil - very disappointing - this needs your input - your stories and pictures - hey, you might be the next big splash in Norfolk Living!).


Advertising on the website


Ah, yep.. the ad pages. They are still there - I will probably redesign the way they look but you can put them up yourself - you don’t need me - you really really don’t and I won’t be doing it for you I’m afraid. Just go to the "Place an Ad" page in the members area and do the necessary - start thinking about those workshops or other exhibitions you are involved in. Content is everything (well, that and publicity).



Advertising in the brochure


Ros has asked me to put a call out regarding advertising in the brochure.


The steering group are looking for companies/studios/shops etc interested in advertising in the brochure




they would very much like to have someone (or several ones) volunteer to help with the admin and sourcing of this.






The task is as follows: 


We have a print run of 12,000 brochures covering all of North Norfolk distributed to Libraries, shops, pubs, cafes, galleries, holiday homes, tourist info etc.etc. 


1. We have some of last years advertisers to contact regarding a repeat advert this year

2. We can offer space to members themselves or for specific trails

3. Contacting potential new advertisers and getting them to commit. 


The rates are as follows :

62 x 62 mm(1/6 page) = £50

128 x 62 mm (1/4 page) = £80

123 x128mm (2/3 page) = £140

Whole page = £200 

Back page = £300


All advertisers will need to provide their own ‘print ready’ design 


Deadline  Thursday 22nd February 


All paid up advert design JPEG’s initially sent to 


Any queries or questions I can be contacted on the above email





I think that is about all from me for the time being. Unfortunately I am not even able to take part this year as I am otherwise engaged, but I hope this website is working well for you all.


My thanks to Terrie and the team - they are doing a fantastic job - be gentle with them - it can be a thankless task and they are all volunteers.


Oh, and if anybody is looking for someone to do a website for them, I’m right here!


All the best,


Updating info on an iPhone

A temporary fix.

[I think I may have sorted this now so give it a go without using this fix first. But let me know if you still encounter difficulties telling me what sort of device you are using.]


It was drawn to my attention that there is a problem with with making changes to the 'Contact Details' page when using an iPhone and possibly with other mobile devices. I'm looking into how to fix this but, in the meantime, here is a possible fix.

Basically you need to set your device so that Safari or whatever browser you are using uses the desktop version of the page rather than the mobile version:

The mobile version looks like this:

First off, on an iPhone go into settings and locate Safari. Tap the arrow/chevron to the right.

On the next screen scroll down:

until you get here, then choose 'Request Desktop Website'.

On the final screen, switch the 'All Websites' button to ON (It turns green).

Return to your 'Contact Details' page and refresh the page (on an iPhone you do this by swiping down). Your page will now look like this:

But you can pinch the screen to make it smaller and zoom in again where you need to go.

After you have finished making changes, put your settings back to how they were.

Hopefully I will iron this out soon.

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