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Check your details in the PDF

Do this by midnight on Saturday 6th April. missed the deadline🙁
Heading 6
Please either look at screenshots from the PDF of the brochure online here (by far the easiest option) or download it by clicking on the icon below (or right-clicking on it and choosing 'Download linked file' from the pop-up menu). Then please complete the rest of this form.

Apologies for putting this next bit in capitals but too many people are not reading the instructions.




just read on and do as asked - ta 😀
This is the first proof copy and the steering committee are aware that there are a number of typos and that some page changes are needed. For these reasons it is important that you do not distribute it in any form. The final version will be made available once we are certain that there are no errors.

There are two checkboxes below and a Submit button at the end. Make sure that you click the Submit button even if there are no mistakes otherwise we won't know that you have checked and we will just keep chasing you up.

If you find errors in your listing, including letters missing from words, put the details in the box provided below. These will be corrected by the printers, not by you.

Please limit your comments solely to your listing. No other comments should go into the text box (not even nice ones) - it will just confuse things and make everyone's life a misery...🙁

If you later notice something that you missed before the 6th April deadline, you can come back and add it then hit 'Submit' again.
Heading 6
1. Check your actual listing - look out for letters missing from words - and ensure that all the following are correct:

Artist number

Your name


Open dates

Telephone number (if applicable)

Email address (if applicable)


Wheelchair accessibility


Directions (if applicable) [180 character limit]

Description [200 character limit]

The brochure picture

also if you have an advertisement in the brochure please check that is correct.

Tick the box if everything is correct

2. Check the area map and ensure that you are on it and it is in more or less the correct position. Note that this map is only meant to be a very rough guide to location. (Note that your trail maps do not appear in the brochure).

Tick the box if everything is correct

Check that your name appears in the index and that the page number matches up.

Tick the box if everything is correct

3. If there are any errors in your listings or map position please put the details in the box below, [for example don't just say something like 'the address is wrong' put the correct address should be : 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London SW1A 2AA - that way it can be copied and pasted rather than someone having to go and find out what the correct address should be].

The corrections are made by the printers, not by you.
Just tell us what needs doing.
4. Press this button and you're done! You will see a success message when your response has been registered.
Your responses have been saved.
Thank you for checking your details.
Error - data not saved - please try again
There should not be any need to email any responses as everything goes through here. However if you encounter a technical problem, please contact Nick. Any other issues should be directed to Terrie.
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